Limitation circuit

At normal power consumption of the low voltage lamp, the AVT BP5012/17 limited the voltage to fix value UB, to compensate power devitations at the lamps caused by production inside the series connection

The choise of the lamps is to made with a maximal tolerance of ± 2,5 W per lamp.

Protection circuit

This circuit reacted on a lamp defect in the series connection. The current flow continues uninterruptible in the electric circuit.
The control unit keeps the current automatically constant.
The voltage over the lamps adjusts itself according to the lamp resistance.


To avoid an overloading of the limitation circuit , the current flow comutation performed at the differentiation between power balancing of the lamps » limitation circuit and a lamp defect » protection circuit. This part of the circuit assured , that only one of the two other circuit parts works and consumed power.

The complete power consumption of the AVT BP5012/17 is therefore always only the power consumption of one circuit part.

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