Light control LS900-G

AVT light control LS900-G is the solution to drive up to 18 serial connected low voltage halogen lamps (12 V) by the use of modular intelligent switching power supply with FPGAs. Maximum power per light control device accounts to 900 W of a serial connection of lamps. Grid overvoltages are not passed through.

  • affect voltage and current of lamp circuit
  • operation of lamps with selectable switch-on characteristic
  • automatic re-start after mains power failure
  • automatic recognition and notification of lamp failure
  • automatic power-off on short circuit
  • automatic power-off on open loop
  • slow rotating quit fan
  • Master/Slave operation possible
  • reduces power on high temperatures to a thermic stable niveau
  • one AVT Bypass (AVT BP5012) required per lamp

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