courses Your advantages:
  • Fast entry and short training period

    A concentrated knowledge transfer and scalable structuring courses enables you a fast entry with a very short training period.

  • Dynamic choice

    You can define the complexity and degree of difficulty of every course fully free.

    Day 1: Course - General introduction into complex of themes
    Day 2: Advanced course - Enhancement of themes with application examples
    Day 3: Application course - User oriented education to the course theme
    Day 4: Application course - Application programming

  • Latest technology

    You learn to work with latest 90 nm technology (Spartan-3) resp. established designs with modern Spartan IIE - technology.

  • Training material

    Every course paticipant gets a complete set speciall writed out training material, which can later used as reference book.

  • Participation certificate

    As confirmation of participation at our courses, every participant gets an participation certificate, which is signed by the lecturer.

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